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In this week’s Founder x Breega story, we’re introducing you to Sencrop!

The world of agriculture is changing. Driven by the growing expectations of consumers demanding cleaner and greener products, and predicted climate change, farmers are modernising and turning to digital solutions to improve yields and help create sustainable systems. Technology in the form of AgriTech is beginning to play a decisive role in the evolution of farming. Enter Sencrop.

Sencrop was founded five years ago by Martin Ducroquet and Michael Bruniaux. …

Our story begins with a young boy and his grandfather knee deep in DIY. Painting, plastering and plumbing every holiday to their heart’s content. As a result of much time spent renovating the grandfather’s property, the pair developed serious skills and their finishings were always finished to perfection. By contrast, whenever they had to call upon a construction company to do some of the heavy renovating they were often bitterly disappointed by the slow rate of progress and slapdash workmanship.

As pretty much anybody who has ever experienced it can tell you, home renovation can be a nightmare. Apart from…

At Breega we proudly announced yesterday the closing of a new € 110 million seed fund. This is a fund dedicated to backing and growing what we like to think of as Europe’s best and brightest tech #founders. If you’re a tech founder wondering what that means and whether this fund is for you, then here’s the lowdown.

A fund for early-stage startups from a variety of sectors

Breega’s new seed fund is for early-stage tech startups producing innovative solutions for a variety of sectors. We back companies from SaaS to deep tech through to HR tech, ad tech, mobility, health tech, logistic, cybersecurity, and more… We even finance hardware…

In this week’s Founder x Breega story, meet Patrick Joubert, CEO of Ponicode and team. Ponicode is on a mission to clean up the land of code while making developper’s lives easier. Read on to find out more.

In today’s increasingly digitalised world, almost everything we depend upon — from the most mundane household articles to our phones, computers, work tools to transport systems to pretty much…well, everything…- is run by software.

Software is made up of millions of lines of code that power our world. …

In this week’s Founder x Breega stories, we’re offering you a glimpse into the not-too-distant future with Station-e’s multi-service kiosks that are helping to power tomorrow’s smart cities. Interested in finding out more? You should be. They’re coming soon to an area near you…

With its multi-service kiosks, Stations-e provides infrastructure to both power and help build tomorrow’s smart city economy.

Stations-e kiosks are electric vehicle charging stations that also act as telecom carriers, providing local inhabitants and businesses with Firmware-over-the-air services, access to high-speed mobile networks and improved mobile coverage.

The Stations-e charging stations consist of a central charger…

In this week’s Founder x Breega Story, we’re introducing you to Viewpay.
Viewpay are visionaries working to create a brave new world of online advertising. A world of responsible advertising. But what is responsible advertising and how does it work? Read on to find out.

Viewpay is adtech but not as we know it. The company has been in business since 2013. It was launched by founder duo Mark (CEO) and Virginie (COO) Leprat. A couple who, over the past decade, have been on a mission to remodel the world of online advertising.

For many years, flashing internet banners and…

In this week’s Founder x Breega stories, we’re introducing you to blockchain stars, Tilkal. The Tilkal team is on a mission to bring awareness and knowledge, transparency and traceability to both companies and the consumer with the help of blockchain and big data.

Transparency. Traceability. These are two words that we see bandied about by advertisers a lot in recent times. But do they hold real meaning or are they simply empty marketing promises used to ensure automatic consumer trust ?

How many of us have been lured, for example, by green packaging and the promise of “organic” or “local” produce, only to realise, once reading the label, that the product is not so “green” as suggested or that even basic information on the product’s origin is as imprecise as “origin UE” or “non UE”?

It probably happens more often than we like…

In this week’s Founder x Breega story, we’re introducing you to the B2B payments platform, Libeo. An up-and-coming #fintech, you may have heard of them as having just announced their Series A round, they’ve been making a few headlines.

That’s right, Yet. Another. Funding. Round. Admittedly, there have been a fair few fundraises recently. But this one is a little bit different. Let us tell you why :)

Firstly, there’s the amount, a staggering €20 million for a Series A round, when according to Crunchbase, a typical series A raise is usually less than $9 million.

Secondly, this outstanding series…

If there’s one thing that 2020 has taught us with its pandemic and lockdowns, it’s that to survive, companies and their employees must adapt. Recognising that a company’s strength is it’s people, Paul Courtaud and Jeremy Jaillant launched Neobrain in January 2018. Their goal? Help companies to ensure they have the right talent, in the right place at the right moment.

Neobrain is a digital HR solutions platform and App that uses AI to help companies understand and address their HR needs. It does so by providing online programmes and tools designed to respond to three key needs : employee…

Romain Moulin, CEO & CoFounder of Exotec x Team Breega

Exotec are the creators of the illustrious Skypod, a three- dimensional warehouse robot capable of moving at a speed of 4 meters per second.

The e-logistics solutions company supplies warehouses with their Skypod robots and specially designed storage racks to speed up the picking and packing process.

Meet Exotec

Created in 2015 by two ex General Electric Healthcare engineers, Romain Moulin and Renaud Heitz, Exotec has scaled at a dramatic rate. Today, they are suppliers of big name companies such as C-Discount, Carrefour and Uniqlo.

Breega has accompanied Exotec, from the very beginning of their journey from Pre-Seed to Series C.


Breega is a European VC built by founders to propel high tech startups to global success.

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