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  • doukali hamdi

    doukali hamdi

  • Christian NEFF

    Christian NEFF

    CEO @ Markentive, #Marketing first #marketingautomation #inboundmarketing, #transformationdigitale



    Serial entrepreneur, Co-founder & CEO @Impact Hub Bamako, active in supporting startups in West Africa (french spoken territories).

  • baskt labs

    baskt labs

    We build sophisticated software that meets the latest and changing needs of the modern consumer.

  • Maciej Ziolkowski

    Maciej Ziolkowski

    Co-founder @Coinfirm_io I write about Blockchain and economics. #Blockchain #Ethereum #Bitcoin #KYC #AML #ETC

  • Moock Max

    Moock Max

    Working on a new project // Formerly @Fundme @Lewagonparis @WeeleoApp @5MVentures @Audencia & @UCBerkeley

  • Katharina Kunze

    Katharina Kunze

    Early-stage VC based in Berlin. Particular interests in edtech, fintech, privacy vs transparency, governance and decentralisation, and marketplaces.

  • Maylis Amram

    Maylis Amram

    Product Marketing @Spendesk

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