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  • John Roa

    John Roa

    Six companies, two exits. Entrepreneur, philanthropist, venture investor, traveler, photographer, activist. Book coming soon:

  • Sitar Teli

    Sitar Teli

    Partner with @connect_v, interested in all things consumer internet / mobile. Investments include @CityMapperLON, @Soundcloud, @SpaceApeGames and @PactCoffee

  • Rory Stirling

    Rory Stirling

    VC at Connect Ventures. Investing in seed stage fintech. Love tech, startups, VC, leadership, learning & decision making. Formerly BGF Ventures & MMC Ventures.

  • Bree Anderson

    Bree Anderson

  • Bree Rody, professional hate-watcher

    Bree Rody, professional hate-watcher

    I have a lot of feelings about movies and TV shows that would be embarrassing if it weren’t 2020.

  • Bree Gaudette

    Bree Gaudette

  • Peter Nixey

    Peter Nixey

    Founder of, developer, entrepreneur, YC Alum and occasional investor

  • Daphni


    Daphni is a Venture Capital mutant

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