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In this week’s founder story we’re introducing you to Fretlink, the smart solution for both companies and transporters. Read on to find how this young company is making large inroads into digitalising and transforming transportation.

Introducing Fretlink

Fretlink was launched in 2015 by two founders, Paul Guillemin and Antoine Lesqueren, with one goal: make the world of road freight transport more transparent, efficient and fairer. Given that the road freight sector is a fragmented market, with a multitude of actors and outdated tech systems this was no mean task.

However, after six years, Fretlink- as the pair named their company- has made serious inroads (bad pun intended) into transforming the sector.

To do so, Fretlink has developed a Transport Operating System technology, in the form of a unique platform that connects shippers (SMEs & Large corporations) and…

In this week’s Founder story, we’re introducing you to Hatem OUESLATI CEO and co-founder of IoTerop. IoTerop is a startup specialised in developing technologies for the remote management and control of smart devices in industry. Stay connected to find out more. 🙂

According to Statistica, by 2025 there will be over 75 billion connected devices in the world. Smart objects that, with the help of sensors and programs are continuously connecting and communicating with each other.

Smart devices already play an important role in a whole range of sectors but where their impact is perhaps the most significant, is in…

In this week’s Founder x Breega story, we’re introducing you to Gymlib!
True to its name, Gymlib is a website and an app which gives you the liberty to choose which gym classes to attend and when. Perfect timing for those who are hoping to look buff on the beach this summer!

The founders of Gymlib, Sébastien Bequart and Mohamed Tazi, launched their company in 2014 with one goal in mind : to get as many people into sport (or back into sport) as possible.

The idea came to them in 2013 while working as consultants at international advisory firm…

Countless studies have shown the benefits of diversity in company teams. Diverse teams are shown to be more innovative, understand customers better and make smarter decisions. These are all benefits that ultimately translate into economic gain for businesses. So why aren’t more startups doing more for diversity?

According to a McKinsey Study, companies with the highest diversity rates have a 36% higher profitability than those with poor ones.

It’s a well-known fact that women are still underrepresented in the tech sector today. Last Wednesday at Breega, we therefore hosted a workshop to talk about professional equality with our startups. We…

Wire transfer fraud is a real burden for Financial teams and a common problem for businesses; according to a recent study conducted by Euler Hermes, it was the number one cause of cyber attack experienced by companies in 2020.

Invoice fraud happens when a scammer notifies a company that their supplier’s payment details have changed, they provide the company with alternative payment details in order to then reroute the payments into a different account. Funds are often transferred quickly and recovering the money from fraudulent accounts can be extremely difficult. …

In this week’s Founder x Breega story, we’re introducing you to Dan Shellard, CEO and Co-Founder of London- based fitness startup, FiiT.

FiiT’s story begins back in 2017 when three experienced entrepreneurs, university friends and fitness adicts, Dan Shellard, (CEO), (CMO) and Sammi Adhami (COO), got to thinking about the impact of digital transformation on fitness.

Home workouts with fitness programmes and videos had been around for decades, but the trio wanted to see how fitness and health could be brought into the 21st century by combining both hardware and software to give users a more holistic and complete home…

This week we’re sharing the story of a great Portuguese startup that has set out to change the Employer/employee relationship by enabling companies to put their people first.

Most founders would agree that a company’s most valuable asset, whatever its size, is its people. One of the ways that employers can attract and hold on to top talent is by offering compensation that shows they are taking their people’s needs and well-being to heart. …

Technology, in all its forms, has become the driving force in both our personal and professional lives. And one of the most notable changes in the workplace over the past two decades has been the digitalisation of work documents with the vast majority of company data today being stocked on private servers or the cloud.

In spite of the many advantages of digitalisation, retrieving and exploiting data is often still an endeavor due to the sheer volume and heterogeneity of the company documents it’s contained in (emails and their attachments, contracts, reports, memos, studies, legal/ regulatory documents…).

Imagine therefore a…

Quantum technologies are still in their infancy but promise to transform information technology in the 21st century by performing calculations thought to be beyond the ability of today’s largest and fastest supercomputers.

Capable of rapidly solving complex problems involving large numbers of variables and potential outcomes, quantum computers will become a catalyst for progress in many key areas of industry. …

As you may have seen in the press yesterday, this week at Breega we’re celebrating our € 4 m investment in CrowdSec.CrowdSec is about to change the face of cybersecurity forever. That may sound a little far fetched, but at Breega we think it just might be possible. Read on to find out why 🙂

Each day, each minute, hundreds of cyber attacks are taking place.
According to the University of Maryland a cyber attack takes place somewhere in the world around every 39 seconds. 30,000 websites are hacked each day, and the estimated global cost of cyber attacks is estimated to reach $10.5 Trillion by 2025 (Cybersecurity Ventures)

Even the most sophisticated and costly firewalls often fail to deflect cyberattacks that are becoming more frequent and more varied ( phishing, ransomware, password theft, malware, identity theft, 0days …).

Using multiple vectors and a large number of IP addresses that are either stolen or bought…


Breega is a European VC built by founders to propel high tech startups to global success.

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