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Technology, in all its forms, has become the driving force in both our personal and professional lives. And one of the most notable changes in the workplace over the past two decades has been the digitalisation of work documents with the vast majority of company data today being stocked on private servers or the cloud.

In spite of the many advantages of digitalisation, retrieving and exploiting data is often still an endeavor due to the sheer volume and heterogeneity of the company documents it’s contained in (emails and their attachments, contracts, reports, memos, studies, legal/ regulatory documents…).

Imagine therefore a…

Quantum technologies are still in their infancy but promise to transform information technology in the 21st century by performing calculations thought to be beyond the ability of today’s largest and fastest supercomputers.

Capable of rapidly solving complex problems involving large numbers of variables and potential outcomes, quantum computers will become a catalyst for progress in many key areas of industry. …

As you may have seen in the press yesterday, this week at Breega we’re celebrating our € 4 m investment in CrowdSec.CrowdSec is about to change the face of cybersecurity forever. That may sound a little far fetched, but at Breega we think it just might be possible. Read on to find out why 🙂

Each day, each minute, hundreds of cyber attacks are taking place.
According to the University of Maryland a cyber attack takes place somewhere in the world around every 39 seconds. 30,000 websites are hacked each day, and the estimated global cost of cyber attacks is estimated to reach $10.5 Trillion by 2025 (Cybersecurity Ventures)

Even the most sophisticated and costly firewalls often fail to deflect cyberattacks that are becoming more frequent and more varied ( phishing, ransomware, password theft, malware, identity theft, 0days …).

Using multiple vectors and a large number of IP addresses that are either stolen or bought…

Louis Prunel is a born serial entrepreneur.

Right from the tender age of 13, Louis knew that what he wanted to do most in life was to build and grow companies. Lots of companies.

A fan of fast growth, his areas of predilection are tech solutions, media and digital advertising. By the time he turned 40, Louis had already co-founded, and founded or co-founded with long time business partner Martin Comar, no less than six other ventures in digital advertising of which Arthur Media Group, Welcoming , Cloud Media, P comme Performance, AdVideum and catalogue-service. …

Taïg Khris is not your average startup founder.

A professional sportsman and three time world rollerblading champion, Taïg came to tech late in life.

Taïg’s journey as a tech entrepreneur began in December 2014. Approaching 40 and laid up in hospital with a broken leg and a feeling that his high-level sporting career was coming to a close, Taïg decided to do something completely different. All he needed was a big idea.

His broken leg gave him time to think. Looking into the telecoms industry, he found it strange that with so many of the tools we use (email, computer…

According to the World Health Organisation, approximately 1.35 million people lose their lives in road accidents each year, a large percentage of which are children and young adults aged 5 to 29 years.

Among the leading causes of accidents is mobile phone use which is reportedly to blame for just over half of all road accidents. …

In this week’s Founder x Breega story, we’re introducing you to Sencrop!

The world of agriculture is changing. Driven by the growing expectations of consumers demanding cleaner and greener products, and predicted climate change, farmers are modernising and turning to digital solutions to improve yields and help create sustainable systems. Technology in the form of AgriTech is beginning to play a decisive role in the evolution of farming. Enter Sencrop.

Sencrop was founded five years ago by Martin Ducroquet and Michael Bruniaux. …

Our story begins with a young boy and his grandfather knee deep in DIY. Painting, plastering and plumbing every holiday to their heart’s content. As a result of much time spent renovating the grandfather’s property, the pair developed serious skills and their finishings were always finished to perfection. By contrast, whenever they had to call upon a construction company to do some of the heavy renovating they were often bitterly disappointed by the slow rate of progress and slapdash workmanship.

As pretty much anybody who has ever experienced it can tell you, home renovation can be a nightmare. Apart from…

At Breega we proudly announced yesterday the closing of a new € 110 million seed fund. This is a fund dedicated to backing and growing what we like to think of as Europe’s best and brightest tech #founders. If you’re a tech founder wondering what that means and whether this fund is for you, then here’s the lowdown.

A fund for early-stage startups from a variety of sectors

Breega’s new seed fund is for early-stage tech startups producing innovative solutions for a variety of sectors. We back companies from SaaS to deep tech through to HR tech, ad tech, mobility, health tech, logistic, cybersecurity, and more… We even finance hardware…

In this week’s Founder x Breega story, meet Patrick Joubert, CEO of Ponicode and team. Ponicode is on a mission to clean up the land of code while making developper’s lives easier. Read on to find out more.

In today’s increasingly digitalised world, almost everything we depend upon — from the most mundane household articles to our phones, computers, work tools to transport systems to pretty much…well, everything…- is run by software.

Software is made up of millions of lines of code that power our world. …


Breega is a European VC built by founders to propel high tech startups to global success.

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